Miss Earth CANADA’s mission is to promote environmental awareness among the youth and raise the quality of their involvement. To inform and educate everyone about ecological balance and preservation of the planet through evolving knowledge and communications. To be an instrument of change for the betterment of this planet.

About ROSOTRO Production Company
Ronaldo Soriano Trono is the National Director for Miss Earth CANADA. As an artist, producer, master of ceremony, director for independent documentary films and volunteer , he has lived in East Africa where he has organized and produced the Miss Uganda Pageant and the winners competed in the Miss World competition in Sun City , South Africa and Miss World University in Seoul , Korea. He founded an organization, ‘Friends of the Street Children of Kampala’ where he raised funds to teach children reading , writing , basic math as well as how to assemble bicycles right after the political terror of Idi Amin. He had also helped open the Uganda Museum by donating Electrical outlet. He is the first Filipino who climbed the Ruwenzori, the ‘Mountain of the Moon’. Ronaldo has produced, choreographed and hosted the Fashion Show at Les Cour Mont-Royal and the BMW Grand Prix “M-Night” Fashion Show on Peel Street. He volunteers in the Montreal General Hospital caring and entertaining the patients at the Geriatric Department. He was also a volunteer at the St. Georges Tyndale Burgundy after school programs. He is one of the recipients of the Outstanding Filipino Canadians 2003 in Toronto. Ronaldo was featured twice in CTV's Power of One in 2012 and 2013. As a pageant Director, Ronaldo has sent delegates representing Canada, USA, Philippines, Germany, Mexico, Lebanon, Haiti, Sierra Leone, Uganda, Taiwan and Korea in other International Pageants. He is currently collaborating with Starbucks- giving coffee and pastry to the homeless and producing the Fashion Shows at Les Cours Mont-Royal in Montreal .



Our Team

Nathalie Trono Lopez
Organizing Committee

Norma Flores Vohra
Organizing Committee

Clineecia Fletcher
Organizing Committee

Valerie Remillard

Filipino Photograpers of Montreal

Julie Gauthier
Guest Performer/Choreographer

Gloria Trono Guinto
Head Committee ROSOTRO Productions, Philippines Restaurateur and Businesswoman. .

Flordeliza Trono Sanglay
Head of the Transportation Committee in the Philippines.

Special Thanks to all the Volunteers this year(2018):
Elenita Belgica, Martin Richard, La Plaza Staff

Special Thanks to:
Danny Lioi, Lateesha Ector, Dendridge Alvarez, Ricky DeLeon Osoria, Francois Martinek, Salim Haidar, Marty ''Eagle'' Richard, Carrie Sienkiewicz-Starbucks, Griffintown, Joan Hart, JP Louis, Lorraine Klaasen, Dhing &Bhaby Castillo, Pauline Giroux Lamontagne, Brian Lamontagne; Corina Carlos