Miss Earth Canada Organization and ROSOTRO Production Company are tandem organizers that produce a yearly event in the city of Montreal with a focal purpose of bringing environmental awareness and concern towards human activity in the preservation of our planet.

The young women who join us have great ideals and aspirations in their quest and concern over the preservation of the planet. They are given the opportunity to highlight those goals through events locally and internationally organized by Carousel Productions Philippines.

We invite you to this website and share information, current events, visuals and interesting articles for your reference and interest.

We are optimistic that the human community is in the right direction towards ecological concerns.

Everything begins from a single step. Our concerted efforts are essential to effect and affect changes in our lives in this beautiful planet Earth.


Calendar of Events and News

Miss Earth 2014 Pageant
November 29, 2014
Country Host: Manila, Philippines

Cynthia Loewen
Miss Earth CANADA 2014 
Miss Canada at the Miss Earth 2014 Pageant

Congrats to Jamie Herrell
Philippines-Miss Earth 2014 

MEC14 Provincial Winners
Marie Antonette Carbon(Québec), Abbey-Taylor Weber(Saskatchewan), Lavanya Hiremath(B.C), Kathryn Kohut (Alberta)

Miss Earth CANADA 2014 Candidates at House of Jazz (Friday Aug.22, 6pm)
WYTE Lounge- (Friday Aug. 22, 830pm)

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for Miss Earth CANADA 2015
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